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How to Become a Certified LPN in Gerontology

The National Federation of Licensed Practical Nurses (NFLPN) offers an advanced certification in gerontology, for LPNs that wish to document their advanced and specialized skill. LPNs are a vital part of our medical care system, and those who chose to specialize in the care they provide are even more sought after in this growing medical profession. As our population ages, there will be an even greater need for LPNs that have specialized with a certification in gerontology.

Hold a current LPN/LVN license. As a prerequisite for your Gerontology certification, you will first need to have a current LPN or LVN license.

Identify an individual to endorse you and attain a letter of endorsement. You will need to find someone to endorse your application. This person will need to write a letter stating that they believe you have the education and skill to take the gerontology certification examination. There is a sample "Certification Endorsement Letter" available on the NFLPN website certification page that can be used to assist your endorser.

Identify a proctor for your exam and attain a proctor letter. You will also need to find someone to proctor your exam from the facility that you currently work for. This person will be responsible for the testing materials and monitoring your exam. The person you identify will need to write a letter stating that they agree to take these responsibilities. There is also a sample "Certification Proctor Letter" located on the NFLP website certification page, which can be used for reference.

Complete application and submit with required attachments. You will need to download the certification application from the NFLPN website certification page, and complete it. You will then need to submit your completed application with your application fee (there is a fee reduction if you are a member of the NFLPN), letter of endorsement, proctor letter, and copy of current LPN or LVN license to the NFLPN address that is located on the application.

Study for, take, and pass your examination. When your application has been accepted you will receive a CD of study materials to assist with your exam review. Once you are ready to take your exam, you will need to work with your proctor to schedule and take your exam. Your proctor will then mail in your examination for grading. You can expect that the processing time for your application and examination will be about 15 days. Once you pass your exam, the NFLPN will mail you your certification, which will be valid for 2 years.

Maintain your certification. To maintain your certification you will need to complete 20 continuing education units (CEUs) every two years. Proof of the CEU completion will need to be mailed in with a recertification form, recertification fee, and copy of current LPN or LVN license, to be recertified.


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