How to Find Jobs for 15 Year Olds

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

Fifteen is a great age to begin employment. This is time when children start to make the transition from childhood to maturing adult. Part of becoming a mature adult is learning to navigate the world of work. Work provides a steady income as well as the chance to utilize one’s talents and abilities. Finding a job for a 15-year-old can be done in several different ways.

Start a business. Fifteen is not too young to learn personal entrepreneurship. Popular businesses for adolescents include babysitting services and lawn care. They need not include an expenditure of capital.

Fill out job applications at the local mall. Many mall businesses seek to hire part-time workers during the year. Retail stores in particular are often looking for younger workers who may be more in synch with the needs and desires of a younger client base. Grocery stores, fast food restaurants and movie theaters are also good options to consider.

Ask friends and neighbors. Sometimes friends and neighbors may have odd jobs that need doing such as cleaning out a basement or garage. This can be an ideal way for a young person to get a foot in the door. They can get references from satisfied clients.

Utilize items already present. If the 15-year-old has a bike, consider working as a newspaper delivery person.

Apply at seasonal attractions. Many amusement parks hire people just to work for the summer. Working at an amusement park can be an ideal introduction to the world of work. The adolescent can learn about the working world in a low-stress situation.

Apply for an internship. Some internships offer opportunities for young people to work for a period of time in a field of interest such as at a financial center or medical setting. An internship can be unpaid. It may also carry a small stipend. Some may also allow students to earn school credit on at the secondary or even undergraduate level.


Make sure that any job is safe. Fifteen-year-olds shouldn’t handle heavy equipment. They shouldn’t work more than a certain number of hours per week nor should they work without supervision or later than certain hours.