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How to Get an Entry Level Position in Information Technology

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Information technology offers a wide variety of possible careers, but first you must get your foot in the door. You could specialize in programming, security, network administration or another area. Getting an entry-level position in information technology is typically a matter of four things: your basic education, experience, specialty certifications and technical skills.

Preparation Is The Key

Start with the formal education your specialty requires. Although hands-on technical skill is extremely valuable, most employers are looking for some proof of your knowledge. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that with the exception of computer support specialists and web developers, most information technology occupations require a bachelor’s degree. Many companies look for experience even in entry-level positions. Highlight previous work experience, college internships or volunteer work in information technology on your resume. Information technology is a field in which change is a constant. Last year’s top certifications might be passé this year. Obtain one or more certifications in your specialty to enhance your value to a potential employer. Don’t hesitate to ask for a chance to demonstrate your technical skills during the application and interview process.