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What Jobs Can I Get With an Associate's Degree in History?

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The motivation behind getting an associate's degree in liberal arts (with a focus on history) is to be one step ahead of those with high school diplomas and to have a balanced education. While many choose to continue studies to get a bachelor's degree, there are careers you can go into with your associate's in history.


There are many types of historians, or jobs which fall into the historian category. A history research assistant, an archivist of documents, an art historian or a park historian are just a few.


Going into business management at a lower level requires a general further education that the associate's in liberal arts/humanities covers. They include philosophy, mathematics and history, which are pluses to have in the business world.

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Creative Careers

An associate's degree in history also includes a heavy focus on writing skills and the arts, which opens up careers in journalism, as a museum curator or as a writer.

History Education

There are two options in teaching history: either use your associate's degree to become a teaching assistant, or become a research assistant to a history professor and further your studies towards a BA in History Education.


Most associate degrees in history are considered initial steps towards a continuing education, for either a bachelor's or master's degree. Some employers are wary of hiring those with just associate degrees and no further educational plans.

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