Hotel Bed Making Procedures

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Every hotel has its own way of folding linens and making the beds. Procedures come down from management and are carried out by housekeeping so that every room has the same distinct feel. Hotel beds are made to the exact specifications every time and, once housekeepers understand the process, it becomes a simple and effective way to make each room uniform.

Start Fresh

Strip the bed of the sheets, pillowcases, blankets and comforter. If the bed is near the wall, pull it out so you can easily reach behind it. Place the soiled linens in a bag to bring back to laundry. According to the Latino Hotel & Restaurant Association website, it's important to take the soiled sheets out of the room before bringing fresh ones in.

Layer it Up

Place the clean linens on a bench or chair and refer to the bed-making card or outline until you're confident you can make the bed to the hotel's exact specifications. Some hotels add an additional layer of mattress protector, a boxed feather bed or a felt sheet protector. Make sure these items are in place first before attempting to place the sheets on the bed.

Bottom Sheet

Spread a fitted sheet onto the bed or lay a flat sheet on top of the mattress. Pull the fitted sheet onto a corner and secure near the bottom of the mattress. Repeat on the other three corners. Otherwise, spread the flat sheet out and make "hospital corners" or follow the specific folding method the hotel requires.

Top Sheet

Place a face-down top sheet over the bottom sheet and tuck all the edges in just as you did the bottom sheet. Allow about one foot of extra fabric at the head of the bed. Add a light blanket if necessary and tuck in everywhere as directed. Fold the top sheet back and over the blanket. Tuck everything in underneath the mattress.

Pillows and Blankets

When the bed is made, slip clean pillowcases over the pillows. Arrange the pillows on top of the comforter to meet hotel expectations. Pay particular attention to smoothing out wrinkles and making sure each pillow looks distinctively placed. Add an additional folded blanket at the end of the bed, provided the hotel requests this. If not, placing an extra blanket in the closet is a nice touch in case guests get cold.


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