How to Be a Recruiter for a Temp Agency

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Working as a recruiter for a temp agency has the potential to be a fun, exciting career path--if you approach it correctly. Below you will find several steps that can help you achieve success in the staffing industry.

Familiarize yourself with the temp-to-hire industry. If you do not currently work in the temp industry, read as much as you can about it and consider temping yourself, even part-time. Contact temp agency managers and owners and set up informational interviews, which will allow you to find out firsthand what it takes to become a recruiter. Understand what is involved; solid customer service skills and a willingness to listen and work hard are key to learning the business.

Look for work with a temp agency, but be willing to take an entry -level job to start. Apply for jobs with temporary agencies, but be open-minded about the position you may be offered. While you may have the opportunity to start as a recruiter, you may just as well be offered a position as a receptionist. If you are determined to break into the temporary staffing industry and have little experience, take whatever is offered but make it clear that you are looking to advance in the company. Work hard at your entry-level job, and always be willing to take on more than necessary; the effort will most likely be noticed, and you will move up faster within the company.

Understand your clients' needs. Listen to the businesses that are in need of temporary employees, and respond accordingly with what they are seeking. If you are a new recruiter, be sure to place the most qualified, reliable people you have with your clients. Offer to have the client meet the potential employee in advance. It is important to build credibility with your clients by providing them with the most appropriate temporary employees to meet their needs.

Get to know the people who work for your agency. Along with familiarizing yourself with the needs of your clients you also need to build positive, professional relationships with the people who are coming to your agency for temporary employment. Respond to their needs as well, and work hard to make a good match for both the client and the temp employee. If an employee is looking to work 20 hours a week or less, do not offer him a 30-hour-per week position. Employees, like clients, will also take their business elsewhere if they are unhappy with your agency.

Take advantage of trainings or seminars whenever possible. If your supervisor asks if you would like to attend a training or workshop, always do so. If you find an opportunity to go to trainings for customer service and for enhancing sales skills, ask your manager if you can attend if she does not offer first. Training not only provides the chance to gain valuable skills but also allows you the opportunity to network with other recruiters who can share valuable knowledge.


Before accepting a position with an agency, interview the agency as much as it interviews you. You want to join an agency with a solid reputation with low staff turnover and happy clients and employees. Always be professional. Be kind and courteous to temp employees and clients but not over-friendly.