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How to Get a Job at Booz Allen Hamilton

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Because Booz Allen Hamilton is one of the leading firms providing consulting services to the U.S. government for defense and intelligence, the hiring process is selective and job requirements can be extensive. Applicants can improve their chances of securing a position at the firm by using the resources it offers to job seekers on its website.

Develop Skills in the Firm's Service Areas

To become a competitive candidate for Booz Allen Hamilton positions, applicants should obtain education or experience in one of its primary consulting service areas. These include information technology, data security, analytics, human capital and engineering. A bachelor's degree is the minimum education requirement for most positions. Because many of Booz Allen Hamilton's positions are for government contracts, candidates with military, intelligence or government experience and security clearance may have an advantage. In addition, courses or experience in consulting may set an applicant apart from the others.

Apply for a Student Internship

For college students considering a career with Booz Allen Hamilton, applying for an internship with the firm can provide an opportunity to network with employees there and prove your skills. This can help a student land a job with the firm after graduation. Booz Allen has a robust internship program that allows interns to work on projects in one of the firm's fields of service, such as systems engineering or intelligence analysis. The internship program is only for students actively enrolled in college and certain fields may be restricted to student's majoring in a related area. Internship opportunities are posted throughout the year. Candidates can be considered for internships by creating a profile on the Booz Allen Hamilton careers site. Recruiters typically begin to review and match candidate profiles between January and April for summer internships.

Attend Recruiting Events

Booz Allen Hamilton offers a variety of online recruiting seminars for job seekers. These seminars include topics such as resume writing tips, applying for internships, interviewing fundamentals, information about the firm's culture and career opportunities for new graduates. Attending the online seminars helps an applicant better understand what Booz Allen is looking for and if he or she has the right qualities and experience. Attending an in-person open house and networking event gives applicants a chance to meet current employees and make connections that can be useful during the hiring process. Seminars and networking events are held monthly, with most seminars held online and networking events occurring most often in Maryland. Employee referrals account for a large percentage of new hires, so getting to know a current employee is beneficial.

Prepare for the Interview

Booz Allen Hamilton's website offers detailed interview tips for job candidates and stresses that preparing for the interview is key. The firm uses the behavioral-based interviewing style, in which applicants are asked about their accomplishments, failures and past behavior to predict how they would perform in the new position. To prepare for these types of questions, you should spend time listing key achievements and failures and identify past experiences that serve as good examples of the desired qualities. When discussing failures, talk about the lessons you learned and the positive outcomes that came from the experience. The interview also focuses on questions designed to assess a candidate's consulting and technical skills, so you should be prepared with examples of how you have demonstrated these skills. Examples of technical skills that may be valued include software development or experience working with databases. Finally, you should thoroughly research Booz Allen Hamilton, and your desired position, so you have the knowledge to ask meaningful questions during the interview.


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