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Different Jobs That Utilize Similar Skills for a Recruiter But Are Not Recruiting

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Recruiters work in an array of environments. Some work with placement agencies matching qualified employees with employers, while others may work in academic environments recruiting students, or even military entities recruiting enlistees. Certain skills and attributes are needed to be successful no matter the type of recruiting. These include counseling, listening, negotiation, sales and communication skills. These skills applicable to a wide range of careers outside of recruiting.

Jobs Requiring Strong Communication Skills

Successful recruiters must have strong written and verbal communication skills. You must also be very outgoing and assertive. Jobs that utilize these same skills and abilities are human resources manager, writer, administrative assistant, grant writer and event planner.

Careers Utilizing Sales, Advertising and Marketing Skills

Recruiters are also required to sale and market their professional services to both potential employees and employers. This can be done via social networking, cold calling, advertising and other marketing strategies. These acquired skills can be transferred to various jobs in sales, public relations, fund development, advertising, brand and retail management.

Jobs That Require Good Counseling and Listening Skills

Good recruiters are able to provide guidance and direction to clients, and are able to listen attentively to the client's troubles and concerns. Your counseling and listening skills can be utilized in many jobs within the nonprofit, for profit and government sectors. Some jobs to consider include teacher, volunteer coordinator, parole officer, mental health technician, educational paraprofessional and public administration.

Careers Involving Negotiation and Problem Solving

Employees and employers may have trouble agreeing on issues like salary and benefits. It is the recruiter's job to work with both parties to try and resolve the discrepancies. Other jobs that require troubleshooting and problem solving skills include paralegal, customer service representative, purchasing manager, debt collections and property management.


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