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A Recruitment Agency's Organizational Structure

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A recruiting agency provides a valuable service to its clients by helping them attract and hire the top caliber of talent for their industry. This partnership requires a strong set of ethics, an ability to meet goals and an organized internal structure.

President or Owner

The person in charge of overseeing the day-to-day operations and financial management of the company is typically the owner or president of the recruiting firm.

Recruiting Manager

The recruiting manager is often the primary point of contact with the clients. This person is responsible for ensuring the client's needs are met. Typically, the searches are conducted by the recruiters, who report directly to the recruiting manager.

Account Manager

The account manager is responsible for obtaining new clients. This person is a sales professional who has the ability to promote the recruiting agency's service and negotiate new contracts.


Most recruiting firms will employ several recruiters. These employees are responsible for the full recruitment life-cycle, which includes sourcing, screening, testing and coaching candidates.

Staffing Specialists

The title for the most entry-level position in a recruitment agency may have several different names. Typically, these employees utilize networking, cold calling and job boards to source potential candidates for the recruiter to interview.


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