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Corporate Account Manager Job Description

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A corporate account manager is a position that widely varies depending on industry. A corporate account manager can either be focused on sales and marketing or more on the accounting aspects of a company. A corporate account manager is a highly paid position and requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

Operational Accounting

A corporate account manager is often responsible for overseeing the operational accounting parts of a business. This includes overseeing all accounting employees and monitoring their work. A corporate account manager of this kind, is also responsible for ensuring the completion and accuracy of the company’s financial reports.

Acquisition of Customers

A corporate account manager is responsible for acquiring and maintaining customers for the business. A corporate account manager is typically head over all sales representatives. His job is to lead all sales representatives in pursuing new clients, assisting in setting up meetings with them, and trying to reach contract deals with them. His job is also to maintain all customers within the entire district. A corporate account manager deals with all the negotiations between the company and the new clients in any way needed.

Contact for Customers

One large aspect of a corporate account manager’s job is that customers use this person as their contact person. When questions arise or problems come up, the corporate account manager is the person contacted by the customers. The account manager typically, depending on the size of his district, travels frequently, visiting and meeting with current customers and prospective clients. The corporate manager is generally in charge of the whole district and helps sales representatives finalize all deals with prospective clients.

Revenue Goals

Another aspect of this job is that the corporate account manager determines revenue goals for the company. These goals are decided upon up front and are compared at the end of each period. The corporate manager motivates each sales representative to strive for these goals. The corporate account managers' job performance is tied directly to reaching these goals.


A corporate account manager also has a lot of control over the budget of the company. A corporate manager strives hard to keep the budget under control and keep the sales levels as high as possible.


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