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How to Get a Resume Forwarded to the Hiring Manager

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Applying for a job is usually simple and straightforward. You will probably fill out an online application or simply email your resume and cover letter to the company directly. The real challenge is making your application stand out in a crowded pool of applicants. The top decision maker in filling the job is the hiring manager. Before trying to get the attention of the hiring manager, be sure that your experience actually meets the qualifications for the job, because many job-seekers apply for positions when they aren't completely qualified. If you're qualified and can find a way to get your resume forwarded directly to the hiring manager, you'll have a better chance of getting an interview for the position.


Networking is the best approach for getting in touch with a hiring manager, according to the Manpower Group. Try talking to friends, family or acquaintances who work at companies where you might want to apply. They may not necessarily know all the job openings or hiring managers personally, but having an internal recommendation will often provide a better chance for getting your resume in front of the hiring manager. Having this inside connection may also allow you to get the hiring manager's contact information. You can try emailing or calling the manager directly to bring attention to your application.

Web Research

Some companies list their staff and management team on their website. This usually applies to smaller companies, since listing hundreds or thousands of employees is impractical for a large company. If the company does list staff, search for the manager overseeing the type of job you want. If you’re applying for a marketing position at a small or mid-sized company, for instance, try searching the company’s website to see if you can find the name and contact information for the head of marketing. If the website only lists the name, you can try calling the company directly and ask to talk to the person.

Industry Profile

You may be able to find contact information for a hiring manager on a website for professional networking. These websites will help you learn about companies and leverage the knowledge of people within your online network. Many profiles are public and will at least include the names of employees and their positions within their company.

Writing a Letter

Although it might seem a little old-fashioned, sending a handwritten letter is still one of the most personal forms of communication. Writing a letter can be more effective than other communication methods, aside from a face-to-face meeting. When you receive a handwritten letter, you know that the letter is personalized and unique, whereas an email can be copied hundreds of times and lack a personal touch. Find a simple card to write a brief message to the hiring manager. In the message, you should introduce yourself as an applicant and express your desire for the position. Thank the person for considering you and include your phone number and email in the message.


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