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How to Find Internships for Adults

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Many adults who are seeking jobs or looking to change careers are exploring their options through job internships. Although traditionally considered the domain of the college student, internships are now being filled more and more by adults. Internships are sometimes paid, but more often are unpaid. Internships can let you experience a career and discover if you have a real interest in it. Most adults already are experienced workers, which may give them an advantage when trying to land an internship. If you are an adult who is considering pursuing an internship, there are several points to weigh when you begin your search.

Connect with your college or local community college. Most colleges have job boards filled with interesting internships. There may be a small fee to access the job boards, but the abundance of internships is worth the investment. Check for job and internships fairs where you can meet face-to-face with company representatives and receive more specific information on internship opportunities.

Start surfing online job boards for internships for adults. You'll be able to search internships nationwide. Set up email alerts for any internships that match your interests. An internship is a great way to find out if that new career you have been dreaming about really matches your expectations.

Network with all the business associates with whom you have conducted business. Let them know you're on the lookout for an internship. Contact companies by making cold calls and asking about any internship openings. You may find one that has an internship that matches your goals.

Consider getting a career counselor. It may be expensive, but it will probably pay off later in eventually finding a well-paying job opportunity that matches your attributes, career goals and job satisfaction needs.


Don't be shy about looking for an internship because you are older. Many adults are looking into internships.