How to Work at Home Scoring Tests for Pearson

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Pearson Training: Pearson has an excellent training program for new applicants. Applicants to Pearson are expected to pass a sample scoring session to qualify to work at home. Once trained, employees of person must pass a sample scoring session each day before beginning work to ensure they are conforming to the Pearson standards.

Pearson Work Requirements: Pearson employees are expected to work a minimum of 20 hours per week when work is available. Pearson requires that you work in a quiet environment with no distractions. Working for Pearson is very flexible. In many positions you are not required to schedule hours. You simply log into the Pearson system and work when you are available.

Pearson Benefits: Health insurance is available to Pearson employees. Pearson pays at home scorers a minimum of $10.00 per hour, but pay is performance based and a rate above $12.00 per hour is realistic. Pearson employees are compensated for training.


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