How to Become a Certified Welder

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Having welding certification from a reputable organization such as the American Welding Society can help when getting a job in this field. Here are the steps necessary to become a certified welder.

There are a number of welding training programs at local community colleges and technical schools that can teach you what you need to become certified. Some even build the curriculum of their program in conjunction with the certification standards of the American Welding Society.

Schedule a welding test. Visit the AWS website to schedule a welding test for certification in your area.

Submit the application and the $30 fee on the day of the test.

You will know the day of your test whether you passed and will receive certification.

For the AWS, you must submit a certification maintenance form every six months. Your employer will need to sign off on the form to verify that you are still welding.


Generally, it takes four to six weeks to receive a certification card from the AWS. There are other organizations that certify welders, such as Ironworkers and Certified Welding Technologies.