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Missouri Electrician License Requirements

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Electricians work in the construction industry or the service and maintenance industry. Missouri does not require electricians or contractors to be licensed on the state level, but some local governments require a certification or work to be done by a journeyman electrician. An electrician or electrical contractor working in Missouri must check with the county government in the area in which they are working to find out the local requirements.

Educational Requirment

Even though Missouri does not license contractors or electricians, there are educational requirements necessary to work in certain areas of the state. Electrical wiring in commercial or residential buildings must be installed by a journeyman electrician. A journeyman electrician is one who has went through an apprenticeship program, technical college or has several years of work experience to be determined a master electrician. For example, St. Louis County in Missouri requires electricians seeking to work in that area to apply to the county licensing board. The electrician must take a licensing exam on the National Electric Codes.

On-the-job Requirements

Along with the education to get a journeyman electrical license, on-the-job training is required. Depending whether an electrician has gone through an apprenticeship program, technical college or has years of experience under the direction of a journeyman electrician, different levels of experience may be required before qualifying for the journeyman's exam. Again, in St. Louis County, the licensing board examines an applicant's when an individual applies to take the electrician's exam.

Buidling Code Requirements

Every electrician who installs electrical equipment into factories or works in the construction industry installing wiring is required to know the building codes of the State of Missouri. These codes also apply to local governments. A large city in Missouri has different building codes than a small towns. Along with the state's building requirements, the electrician will have to know what each local government requires when it comes to electrical wiring or electrical equipment.


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