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How to Become a Makeup Model

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There are plenty of opportunities to become a makeup model. Home based businesses as well as beauty schools are always looking for women and even men to try out and model products. This could be for a fashion show or for a class.

Create a quality portfolio of your work. This is crucial, and can be done by simply volunteering to be a makeup model for your local Mary Kay or Avon representatives. Have the representative take pictures.

Approach local beauty schools to see if they are looking for makeup models. Volunteer to assist as a live model for tests or up coming assignments.

Look for other opportunities to grow your portfolio. Go to your local department store to have you makeup done. Schedule a professional photography session with a local studio directly after. Make sure you inform the photographer that your intentions are to become a makeup model and that the pictures will be used as part of your portfolio.

Mail out samples of your work to local and national modeling agencies. You will want to include a resume of your makeup modeling experience as well as several head shots.


Reputable modeling agencies do not ask you to pay a fee to work for them. Volunteer your services as a makeup model whenever the chance arises. If you hear that a bridal show will be going on at a local convention center, look into who the makeup artisists will be and volunteer your services. This will boost your resume and portfolio.


Modeling is a cut throat business and not everyone will be able to break into a career as a professional makeup model. Continue building your portfolio and sharing your successes with various modeling agencies.

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