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Goals to Reach as a Cosmetologist

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What are Goals to Reach as a Cosmetologist?

Cosmetologists provide numerous services to clients, including nail care, hair styling, and makeup and skin care assistance. Individuals enter the field for a variety of reasons, seeking a career that fits their skills and financial needs. Whatever the personal goals for this career choice, a career in cosmetology for a person gifted in these skills offers opportunities to work for studios and salons or as independent freelancers. The cosmetology career field can have a range of goal setting tactics to meet goals like becoming a hairdresser or barber, starting your beauty career in beauty school, and other career goals that can span your time outside of cosmetology school.

Social media can help in these goals as clients can be reached and found online, and setting business goals using social media can be helpful for your career and in finding consultations. While each cosmetology program can differ, many people in this field can become estheticians or hairstylists by setting long-term and short-term goals for themselves in the field. Some goals can be associated with things like wigs, new clients, hair cutting, getting a cosmetology license, or smart goals like making your own small business and getting referrals.

Working in Media and Arts

Opportunities for cosmetologists in the media offer a variety of working environments. Makeup artists in the motion picture industry may work with famous stars on movie sets. Those talented in prosthetic makeup use their creativity to transform actors into zombies, aliens or any number of other creatures. These cosmetologists' work can make or break the success of a production. For instance, the makeup design created for the Broadway production of “Cats” helped theatergoers to believe that the cast was made up of singing felines.

Those with ambitions of working in the movie industry may benefit from taking classes from schools such as EI School of Professional Makeup. Graduates receive job placement assistance that may increase chances of finding work in this competitive field.

Print media employ cosmetologists to create trendy and outlandish styles for fashion magazines. The fashion industry also seeks hair and makeup professionals to create looks for runway models appearing in fashion shows.

Special Events

Many events require the assistance of a professional cosmetologist to assist clients on a special day. Brides and their attendants rely on these professionals to make the most of their features and make them feel beautiful. For young women attending their high school proms, a visit to a hair and makeup stylist is a rite of passage.

Other career opportunities include makeup artists teaming up with photographers to make clients look and feel their best for family portraits, professional pictures or engagement photos.

Helping Others

Some people become cosmetologists to help others. On a daily basis they have the chance to bring joy by correcting some aspect of appearance that displeases the client. This can be hair cutting, hair removal, or giving a manicure. Clients leave the salon with renewed confidence that may help them personally or professionally. Cosmetology professionals also help customers resolve issues by advising them on activities they can perform at home to care for their hair, skin or nails. For instance, professionals may advise clients on the best type of products to use for their skin or hair type.

Job Security

Even in times of economic troubles, women want beauty services. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (bls) predicts that the number of cosmetologists required to meet demand in the United States will increase by 22 percent by 2030.

According to Rogers Hair Academy in Evansville, Indiana, cosmetology students advancing through cosmetology training to become licensed cosmetologists can easily move from location to location as desired. Their beauty career will have a career choice with the ability to work in any area of the beauty industry.

For instance, hair stylists can also apply facial makeup, such as color cosmetics like eye shadow and cheek colors. Fashion-conscious clients gladly return time and time again to cosmetologists who skillfully provided the services they wanted, such as hair coloring, cuts or manicures.


  • Professional training: wherever you are located, there is likely a beauty school near you. Gaining hands-on experience will result in a stronger cosmetology career, as well as a cosmetology license.
  • Time management: whether you are cutting hair, applying makeup, or giving facials, clients can fill up the day quickly.
  • Passion: even if you are not pursuing cosmetology full-time, it is crucial to have the passion for the job you are doing. If the dedication is not there, it will show on the final product.

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