How to Make Fast Money Online

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When you need to make fast money online the last thing you need is to waste time on scams or disappointing surveys. Here are some tried and true ways to make money online. You won't get rich overnight, but you will start making real money right away.


While employers might think chatting is a waste of company time, more and more people are finding pay-to-post sites are a good way to supplement their income. Pay-to-post sites are bulletin boards that pay you to post about your topics of interest. One of the newest, hottest sites going is MyLot (see Resources section below this article). My Lot, and many others, are vibrant sites filled with members from all regions of the world with a wide variety of interests. Simply visit their site, or search for others, and sign up for their compensation program.


Love to craft? Paint? Quilt? Turn your craft into big cash by selling your goods online. Sites like Etsy, an auction site dedicated to independent crafters of all kinds, makes listing your finish works and connecting with customers a snap. Etsy can also be used to monetize your own craft website. I recommend Etsy because auction fees are very low. Where crafters often lose money on eBay's expensive and short auctions, the listing fees on Etsy are low and listings remain posted until they have sold.


Writing is one of the hottest, fastest, best ways to make money online today. The internet is desperate for content and websites are paying real money to folks of all backgrounds and writing abilities.

If you are new to writing, start with sites like Ehow and Xomba. These sites require no experience and have no approval process for new writers. Your writing is published when you say it's done. You start earning money the moment people read your work and click the ads next to it. Also look to Hubpages for hassle-free publishing and profits.

If you are secure in your writing abilities, expand your earning potential by looking into content banks like Constant Content. Content banks are not FAST money, but they can pay big in the long run. A well written article can be sold repeatedly, making its earning potential endless.

For those who are serious about making money with writing, know that the market for freelance writers is expanding at the speed of light. Clients, publishers, content banks, adsense, blogs, private websites, and countless more opportunities exist to help create a fun and financially rewarding writing career.


Got something valuable you might not miss? eBay 1 day listings are a great way to generate way to make fast money and unload some clutter. These auctions appear as regular auctions, but have a shorter duration. Even though these auctions run for a single day, they can successfully move merchandise because most bids are placed in the last 24 hours of an auction's duration. However, these short auctions may not result in the quality of bids you are looking for. Because they list for such a short time, bids can be fewer and lower.


This is a growing list of ways to make money online so visit again. The internet is always opening doors to income and I will continue adding them as they emerge. You will likely need a credit card or bank account to make money online, no matter how you choose to do it. You will also likely need to create a free account to receive funds with an online money transfer agency, like Paypal. The sites you choose to make money with will tell you specifically which services they require you to register with. AGAIN, these accounts are most often free to open.


AVOID LOSS Don't waste you time or money on ideas that sound too good to be true. While many claim to have made good money through survey sites, many more (myself included) have wasted hours, have been signed up for unwanted services, and have been forced to close email accounts that were bombarded with endless advertisements. Do-nothing business ideas usually earn nothing.


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