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What Are the Benefits of Being a Perfectionist?

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When a person is a perfectionist, she takes pride in her work. She pays close attention to detail, works hard until the job is done right and stands behind the work that she completes. Being a perfectionist can come with many advantages, as perfectionists are often highly regarded for the impeccable work that they produce. There is also a downside to being a perfectionist, as these types of people tend to obsess over every little detail, and constantly feel like their work is never good enough.

Higher Personal Standards

A perfectionist sets high personal standards for himself. He isn't content with doing something that is simply mediocre or all right but wants to do an excellent job. He benefits from this by having his work often stand out from his peers because his idea of a finished product is much different from theirs. He isn't content with simply meeting the minimum guidelines for a project; instead he will do as much work as it takes for him to feel satisfied with the end product, typically producing an outstanding end product.

Spend Less Time Fixing Mistakes

Perfectionists check and double-check things before considering them to be completed. These people do not want to submit anything that has mistakes in it. This close attention to detail benefits both the perfectionist and the people she works with; she will rarely receive her work back to correct errors on it, because there are no errors to correct. For example, before a perfectionist turns a report in to her boss she carefully reviews the document to make sure there are no errors on it, instead of hastily turning it in without double-checking her work.

Higher Quality of Work

Since a perfectionists spends so much time making sure his work is flawless, the material he produces is of great quality. He builds a reputation for being the best at what he does, because he takes his time and makes sure that every detail is to his satisfaction. Producing high-quality work benefits him because his work stands out from that of his peers, allowing him a greater chance of advancing in his workplace.

Extreme Organization

A perfectionist is typically an extremely organized person. She likes to do things a certain way, in order to get the results that she is looking for. Her work is typically streamlined into a very efficient process, allowing her to work quickly. She knows where everything that she needs is located, so she doesn’t need to keep stopping and looking around for information that she needs to complete a project. She benefits from this because she able to get things done quickly, instead of wasting time searching around for information that she needs. Another benefit is that she is able to remain calm when doing her work, instead of becoming stressed, since she isn't working under pressure.


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