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How to Become a Creative Writer

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A creative writer writes fiction, memoir and poetry. Many people become creative writers without ever publishing a piece. However, there are people who make their primary living by writing stories and poetry. Creative writing does take work, practice and years to perfect. There are steps to help you become a better creative writer, get published and possibly even make a living as a creative writer. The key to being successful is to continue to write and submit your work.

Carry a notebook with you so you can write down story ideas, snippets of conversations and plot points wherever you are. Coming up with good story or poetry ideas is one of the most important parts of becoming a creative writer.

Write every day or as often as you can. Continue to work on a piece until it is as good as you can make it. When you write, it is important to consider the revision process as well.

Enroll in a creative writing class where you can learn writing techniques and receive critiques on your work to improve your story and plot outlines. These classes can help take your writing to the next level.

Read extensively, particularly in the genre you are most interested in pursuing. This reading will help you master the genre or the form and will improve your writing.

Join a writer’s group and give and receive writing critiques on a regular basis. The writer’s group can help you learn from your own mistakes and other people’s mistakes as well.

Submit your finished pieces to magazines, agents and editors to get your writing published. Try to find magazines and agents with a history of working with writers with similar sensibilities as you. This will make finding an agent much easier.

Many writers have received countless rejections. If you do receive rejections, keep revising and writing. Overtime your writing will improve and you will be able to have a piece published.


Miriam C has been writing since 2007. She earned her bachelor's degree in English from Brigham Young University. Among her many jobs, Miriam C has taught middle-school students. She's written for and other clients on finances, family and education.