How to Become a Firefighter in Tennessee

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Firefighting is a noble profession. Tennessee firemen have their work cut out for them. Those who choose to undertake it are considered heroes by children all over the state. If this is your calling in life, you have an exciting career ahead of yourself. No matter how difficult, it is one of the most rewarding things you'll ever do.

Join your local volunteer fire department. Volunteer work will give you the training you need when trying to become a paid firefighter. You'll be serving your community in a grand spirit. It will also look good on your resume.

Apply to a college that offers firefighter classes. Tennessee has about 11 spread out all over the state. Also attend the Tennessee Fire Service and Codes Enforcement Academy. See our Resources section for the Website link to this great academy.

Commit yourself to your studies in the way that you will commit yourself to your future job. Get good grades.

Work out every week without fail. A firefighter needs to be in peak physical condition. Be sure to do both cardiovascular work and weight lifting exercises. Try jogging in the early morning.

Graduate college. You will have a much better chance of getting hired if you have a college degree in Fire Science. Plus, you'll have a better chance of promotion and starting at a higher position.

Write your resume. Yes, even heroes need a resume. Be sure to include all of the firefighting related activities you have been involved in. Include volunteer work, clubs and classes.

Apply at a local fire house. Every county has different requirements for their firefighters. In fact, every fire department in Tennessee has slightly different requirements. Be sure you know the requirements before you apply. You will have to take a series of tests and pass them in order to be eligible for almost any assignment. If you have followed Steps 1 to 6, you will be an impressive candidate. See the Resources section for requirements in your city and for a practice firefighting test.

Try several different fire houses if you are not accepted with your first attempt. There are all sorts of reasons, including a station being over-staffed. Giving up easily is not the sign of a true hero. Keep to what you truly want to do. You'll be a firefighter with perseverance.


Take EMT classes. It will look good on your resume since firefighters get sent out on medical emergency calls often.