How to Become a Park Ranger in Canada

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Being a park warden, as they are called in Canada, can be a very rewarding experience. Unlike what is portrayed in the Yogi Bear cartoons, park wardens are more than picnic basket guardians. They study, monitor, and manage ecosystems. They are essential in decision making by providing scientific information. They protect cultural resources and ecosystems. they develop programs for public safety. They also build partnerships with neighboring communities.

Graduate from a recognized university and specialize in natural sciences or natural resource management.

Stay out of trouble with the law. Park Wardens must have a reliable security clearance. Even a DUI will halt your dreams of becoming a park warden.

While in school, learn several different languages. This will help with your success of getting hired as a park warden in Canada since different parts of Canada speaks different languages.

Obtain experience in natural resource management or public safety. If you attend a school in the United States, apply to be a seasonal park ranger with the National Parks Service and become certified during summer breaks. This will help with your experience requirement and looks great on your resume.

Complete all of the certifications. These are required before applying to the trainee program and includes the CPR, First Aid and Firearm Safety Course.

If you aren't already in great physical shape, hit the gym. Park wardens have the same physical standards as firemen.

Apply for the Recruit Warden Trainee Program (RWTP) with the Parks Canada Agency.


If you don't have a great appreciation for outdoors, then you probably wouldn't be happy as a park warden. Park wardens will have to work in different adverse climate conditions. Develop your skills at planning, organization and communication skills to be more competitive while applying.


Being a park warden is a very competitive occupation.