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How to Make Money Reviewing Products

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Reviewing products is a way to make money from home. Some websites accept written content, while others require a short video. While you can work your way to a review position at a major publication, that would take years of experience and demonstrated expertise. The barrier to entry to online review sites is fairly low, however.

Join ExpoTV (expotv.com). Click "Join" from the homepage, and then fill in your information and read the member terms and conditions. As a member you can upload videos, qualify to try new products and fulfill video assignments. You can also take surveys. ExpoTV pays in reward points, which you can redeem for products at its store.

Write for ReviewStream (reviewstream.com). Hit the green "Write Review" button and click through the "Useful Links" on the right, such as "How to write a valuable review" for advice on how to start. Then, go back to the "Write Review" page and fill out your information. You can type your review right in the box. Check the boxes that apply to you and hit "Submit." ReviewStream pays you real money through PayPal, so you must have a PayPal account to get paid.

Visit Epinions (epinions.com) and click the "Learn More" link at the top right of the page. Click any questions you would like answered and read the information to learn more about how the site works. Then click the "Join" link from the homepage to join. Epinions pays by traffic to your reviews and a share of the company income, depending on how your reviews rank. Epinions pays Eroyalties, which are redeemable for cash.


Review products about which you're passionate, as the enthusiasm will be evident in your video or article. Read and understand all of the rules and policies on any site before submitting a review.

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