How to Become a Teen Club Promoter

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You have decided you want to be a teen club promoter, but where do you begin? What steps can you take to fulfilling this dream? It can be done with some drive and determination, just begin by following these steps.

Find a teen club to promote. You may already know which one you want to promote, but if not, you'll have to find one. Make sure you check it out beforehand and make sure you like it.

Write a resume. A resume is not only used to highlight work and education experience, but also life experiences, special skills and special character traits. Highlight yourself and show why you would be a good teen club promoter.

Obtain business cards. You can print your own or use an online service. These are great to leave behind with club managers and owners along with your resume (see Resources below).

Visit the club. You must go in with a professional appearance and a good attitude. Be confident, but not arrogant. Ask to speak to the manager or owner. Explain to them why you want the job and hand them your resume and business card. If they cannot speak to you right then and there, try to get an appointment time to come back.

Follow up. This is very important. A few days after speaking with the manager or owner of the club, follow up with a visit. Again, go in a nice outfit and with a good attitude. Ask them if they have considered you for the job yet. Be respectful and courteous, even if they tell you no--in which case thank them for their time and ask them to hold onto your information in case they change their mind. Follow up again in a month if you have not found another teen club promoter job.


Don't get mad if you are turned away--they may call you later on!