How to Make Money as a Teen

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How to Make Money as a Teen. Being a teenager has it's drawbacks. You're not a child any longer and you're not an adult, so this puts you in an awkward position. Many teens would like to make money but not too many people are willing to hire them unless they are at least 16. The following will give you some ideas on how younger teens can make money.

Approach your parents. If you don't get an allowance, now's the time to approach your parents about it. You don't have to be "given" the allowance; you can work to earn it. Let your parents know that you are willing to do chores for pay. There are a couple ways to accomplish this. You don't have to get money. You can work on a point system and receive money when you reach your goal.

Talk to your neighbors. Let them know that you are available to run errands, mow their grass, wash their car or perform other chores for a fee. Research this, charge a reasonable rate and you may acquire routine jobs that will let you make money as a teenager.

Get together with some of your friends and start a babysitting business. Advertise to everyone who has children, so you can assure them that their will always be someone available to baby-sit whenever they call. Putting together some fliers to leave in people's mailboxes is one way to get the word out, but the best advertising for this is word of mouth. In a few months, you will be making money as a teenager.

Apply for a paper route. This doesn't require experience and teenagers are the ones who do it. The size of the paper route will determine the money you make as a teenager.

Decide on forming a pet service business. This will work as a babysitting business, but instead of watching children you take care of pets. You may feed them, walk them, tend to them when people are away and even take them for their checkups. Be flexible do whatever people may need you to do.

Check the Internet. There are opportunities for teens as well as adults to find jobs on the Internet. Explore the different things you can do. There is a site in the resource section where you can start.


These are some of the ways for teenagers to make money. Use your imagination and you will come up with plenty of others. Make sure you put your money in a bank account that will pay you interest. This way you will make money on the money you earned.