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How to Work from Home on the Internet

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There are many legitimate jobs that you can do from home. Many use skills and training you may have already acquired, while others can teach you new skills. When looking for work from home, it is important to be wary of jobs that sound too good to be true. Remember that work from home is still work, and that it will require as many hours and as much effort as a job in a traditional setting.

Use skills you already have. Look for work using the skills you acquired through your formal training or in the traditional workplace. You can work from home as a freelance accountant, project manager or copywriter. If you have skills in anything computer-related - such as web design, application development or database administration - you can find freelance work from home. Freelance jobs in graphic design, game development and writing are also available. These kinds of jobs are suited to professionals who prefer to work from home.

Gain new skills as you work from home. You can learn to run your own virtual store by joining an online marketplace, or you can start your own business making customized items that you can sell for a profit. If you are an artist, you can sell your own work online and meet other like-minded people. This can both broaden your network and improve your abilities. These kinds of jobs are excellent for artists and craftspeople looking to expand their customer base.

Improve your skills if you have limited experience in the workplace. You can work from home as a data entry technician, a medical transcription writer or a travel agent. Some of these jobs may require a basic skill set - such as being able to type a certain number of words a minute - but many of them provide paid, on-the-job training. Flexible hours and paid training make these kinds of jobs perfect for at-home parents.


If you encounter an unscrupulous online "job," and are unable to resolve any disputes yourself, let them know you are filing a complaint against the company and call the Federal Trade Commission at 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357).


Be very wary of unscrupulous businesses. If the "job" requires a start-up fee or your credit or debit card information, it is not a legitimate job. Do not deal with the company.

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