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List of Sedentary Jobs

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According to the Social Security Administration, sedentary work consists of mainly sitting for six to eight hours and having to lift less than 10 pounds a day. Sedentary jobs are available in several fields, including communication, technology, administration and transportation. The employment requirements usually range from a high school diploma to a bachelor’s degree.

Technology Jobs

Sedentary jobs in computer technology professions include software development, information security analysis, database administration, computer programming and web development. With technical savvy and an interest in computers, you can develop computer applications, build operating systems, create interactive websites and write code for video games or software applications. Technology careers typically require a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field. An interest in computer technology, scripting languages and debugging hardware is also necessary.

Administrative Options

Sitting behind a desk, greeting patrons, answering phones and performing repetitive tasks, like filing or making copies, are just a few of the task you will perform as an administrator. Job titles in this area include executive secretary, administrative assistant, administrative manager, legal secretary, medical secretary or general secretary. You can work in health care, social assistance, educational services, professional services or government. While most of these careers require only a high school diploma, some administrative careers, such as those in legal or medical offices, may require a certificate or associate degree. You can also earn certification through professional associations, like the International Association of Administrative Professionals. Important skills in this job include professional integrity, interpersonal skills, organization and strong writing ability.

Communication Occupations

Announcer, editor, writer and public relations specialist are just a few of the sedentary careers in communications. Job duties include providing commentary or interviewing guests; planning, creating or reviewing content for publications; and maintaining a favorable public image for clients through media outlets. Most careers in this field require a bachelor’s degree in journalism, communications, English, creative writing or media. Computer skills, interpersonal skills, research ability and writing skills are also a must. Additionally, you must have the ability to sit for several hours while working on a computer.

Transportation Careers

Transportation careers can include chauffeur, van driver, taxi driver, bus operator, transit operator and transit bus driver. Job duties for these workers include arranging to pick up customers, notifying dispatch of vehicle problems, completing accident reports, transporting customers to specific locations, collecting fares and inspecting vehicles. Entrance into this career typically no formal education. However, you must obtain a commercial driver’s license (CDL). Earning a CDL requires you to meet specific medical and residency requirements, and you must complete the commercial learner's permit requirements. Since you will spend many hours behind the wheel, you need to enjoy driving and have communication skills to converse with patrons.


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