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Jobs That Require the Civil Service Exam

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The civil service exam is a prerequisite for many local, state and federal government jobs. The government provides innumerable jobs in various capacities for candidates and remains the largest employer in the United States. Candidates need to take different types of civil service exams for jobs in law enforcement, the postal service, the Foreign Service, government accounting and tax services and jobs in administration and management of government offices. Different government departments will hold different exams as required for the job vacancies. The type of exam depends on the type of job and the position the candidate seeks in the job.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement jobs require that candidates pass a civil service exam. Law enforcement jobs include jobs in police forces, highway patrols, crime investigation, case work, antidrug law enforcement, animal cruelty investigation, border patrol agents, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, transportation security and the Secret Service.

The Foreign Service

Candidates need to pass the civil service exam to get jobs as Foreign Service officers. Foreign Service officers represent the U.S. government in 165 countries around the world and in all international organizations. They serve in the areas of diplomacy, consular services, politics, economics, administration and political reporting.

Fire Service

Firefighters must pass the civil service exam to get their job in addition to passing stringent physical fitness tests. Jobs with the fire service include putting out fires and rescuing people trapped in burning buildings and cars.

Postal Workers

Candidates looking for jobs as postal workers, customer service, mail carriers and in mail processing with the United States Postal Service need to pass the civil service exam for postal jobs in addition to other qualifications.

Accounting and Tax

Accounting and finance jobs with different departments of local, state and federal governments require passing the civil service exam. Opportunities include careers with the Internal Revenue Service, tax departments, insurance departments, customs, trade and financial departments.


All government departments require administration personnel, and administration jobs require taking the civil service exam. Jobs in administration include administrative officer jobs, general administrative jobs, human resource management jobs and labor management jobs.

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