How to Become a Medical Research Scientist

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How to Become a Medical Research Scientist. Getting a job in a scientific field is typically competitive and requires years of preparation to be ready for the intellectual arduous demands of the profession. The position of medical research scientist is highly coveted, and it can be exciting and cutting edge, depending on the specific nature of the work. Follow some steps to become a medical research scientist and begin your career in this challenging profession.

First determine if your personality fits with the profession. Decide whether you will be well suited in a scientific, highly analytical and logic based environment.

Research medical research programs across the country. Plan on getting a bachelors degree in a science based field such as biology, medical technology, biomedical technology, anatomy, chemistry, pharmacology, genetics, physiology or other scientific field.

Complete a Bachelors degree and graduate with honors and begin applying for masters of Science or Ph.D programs. Most medical research science jobs require lucrative professional degrees for job placement. Purchase a Graduate Medical Education Dictionary for information on residencies, academic research programs, a comprehensive listing of specialties and career outlook information.

Land a good graduate research position at a university or hospital. Utilize your school's resource and faculty to help fit you into a research program suited to your needs and aptitudes. Apply for scholarships, grants and other financial aid to help you in the cost of your study.

Become involved in a cutting edge research endeavor that will help to catapult you into the forefront of a scientific discovery. This discovery will aid in landing you a good research based job at an institution. Apply at universities, hospitals or private research institutions upon completion of your professional degree and network with colleagues and professors to land your first medical research job.


Develop superior technical, mathematical, and scientific skills to become a medical research scientist. Also stay updated on pertinent industry information and breakthroughs. Foster interest in a particular area of study. It will help make your work more meaningful, and your drive stronger as you progress through the process.


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