How to Become a Construction Estimator

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How to Become a Construction Estimator. One of the fastest moving jobs around now is that of Construction Cost Estimating. An estimator goes over facts and figures pertaining to a job that is about to start. They figure pricing according to raw facts, percentages and expectations. Construction is the largest industry to use cost estimators; however, the manufacturing industry also employs cost estimators. Have you decided what you want to become in your career?

Get as much exposure to construction management as you can. If you are going for a degree, try to center the subject matter on construction-specified areas. Requirements for each job have variations specific to that particular area.

Discover where to get the education for construction estimating. It is often included in degree programs pertaining to construction management. Specialized courses to become involved in cost estimating are often available in community colleges and technical schools.

Gain knowledge of constructions costs, materials and procedures regardless of where you gain the training. The main aspect of the job is to analyze and compile data you have at hand. It is important that estimators have an easy inclination for math and a well-rounded confidence in their determinations. You need to be computer literate, have knowledge of office system software (such as word processing and spreadsheet) and be familiar with blueprints.

Work your way up. Interested would-be estimators have opportunities to move upward in the ranks of the company for which they have chosen to work. Often an estimator's job description states that a college degree is preferred. In reality, a person can start to work in estimating as an assistant to the estimator. Upon learning the trade, they can work their way up to become an assistant estimator then an estimator.

Learn to proofread figures and use the top software products for estimating jobs as you work with more seasoned estimators. Much more involved than an apprenticeship, this opportunity allows them to learn techniques of measurements and other tasks. They plug in the numbers of varied dimensions and quantities of supplies needed. Increased knowledge eventually allows fresh estimators to gain the opportunity to have their own projects.

Win the benefits of higher pay and recognition as you advance your career. These are the prizes won by estimators who have plunged themselves fully into this line of business. Future opportunities include upward mobility in your career, perhaps working as a project manager or a consultant working for yourself.


The need for future construction estimators will depend on the growth of the industry. The construction industry enjoys a healthy growth rate and you can become an estimator with a little hard work. Organizations that Construction Estimators can join to discuss different things with their peers are the Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering (AACE International) and the Society of Cost Estimating and Analysis (SCEA). An estimator can be certified through one of these organizations. Earnings are impressive in the area of construction estimating. This is a good field to choose for your career. The more you know about estimating, the more leverage you have in the job force.


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