How to Become a Jafra Representative

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How to Become a Jafra Representative. The Jafra Cosmetics company was created in California in the 1950s. Founders Jan and Frank Day always wanted the company to provide opportunities for women. Jafra is sold from Jafra consultants who represent the company and sell the products to clients they work with directly. Jafra sells personal care items, makeup and fragrances.

Talk to a consultant in your area. If you know the local Jafra representative, get in touch with her. She can help you get started, and she'll receive a bonus for recruiting you. If you don't know a representative, find one online at the Jafra website.

Complete an enrollment form. You need a valid credit card number, contact information and your local Jafra consultant's case number.

Purchase your consultant case. There are different cases to choose from. You'll have to pay for this out of your own pocket. You'll also need to place an order to qualify you as a consultant.

Receive your materials and read over the tip cards, go over the forms and become familiar with the product lines.

Sell at least $300 worth of products during your first month in order to receive a 50 percent commission and earn rewards.

Be a self-promoter. Encourage people to host Jafra parties, get yourself online and find ways to introduce people to the product you're selling.

Get promoted to manager if you sell enough Jafra. This will put you on the path to making bigger money.


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