How to Update a Resume

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How to Update a Resume. Keeping your resume current is important to your overall career path. You never know when you may need to or be asked to submit a current record of your employment. Updating your resume is a good way for you to reassess your strengths as an employee and include any new training or awards information that are not currently listed. Every component will need to be checked for accuracy.

Check to make sure that all of your personal information is correct. This includes name, address, phone number and email address. Update anything that is not accurate and delete anything that no longer applies.

Write a new objective statement. Make sure that the statement pertains to the new job for which you are applying. The statement can be somewhat general but should show some direction toward the field of expertise for the job.

Update your past job experiences. It is important to include at least three jobs, and many employers will want up to a 10 year history. Include the dates of employment, the company and the city where you worked.

Describe your duties for each job. Include important tasks you performed, especially those that may pertain to the new job you are seeking. Use action verbs in these sentences and try to stay away from job specific lingo and vocabulary.

List your education. Include the school or institute you obtained your degree or training from, the year you completed your studies and the city where the school is located. If you have record of good grade point averages, include them beside your degree information. Also include all new certifications, continuing education courses or pertinent workshops you have taken since school that directly relate to your job.

Notate major accomplishments. Update any awards you've earned or organizations you belong to that coincide with the job you are pursuing. Include the dates of membership or the date the award was given.

Evaluate your references. When updating a resume, verify that the references on your resume are still accurate, that the person still works where you have noted and that his or her contact information is current. Make sure that you have three solid references of people who are knowledgeable about you and your abilities in the job you are seeking. Be diverse with whom you choose.


Keep your resume down to only one side of one sheet of paper. Employers will not read much more than one page. You may need to adjust the margins of your page to make it fit. Be concise, clear and organized in your descriptions.

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