How to Start a Job Board

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How to Start a Job Board. Looking for a job is easier when they are all listed in the same place. Job boards exist to help people find the perfect job for them. You can start a job board for all jobs or just one particular niche, such as telecommuting or high tech. Decide what jobs you want to feature on your job board.

Purchase a domain name if you don't already have one. Set up your website first before you start your job board.

Go online to buy job board software. You can find some companies that provide this software in the resource links below. Compare prices and features for the best value for your job board.

Install the job board software on your website and perform set up. Start using the software to become familiar with it. Ask questions if there are any issues you do not understand.

Contact employers and ask them if they would like to feature their job openings on your board. You may contact them by email but be careful not to spam.

Advertise your job board on Google or other advertising sites. Use short, concise ads and be sure to include a link to your job board. Use one set of ads to attract employers and a different set of ads to let job seekers know about your job board.

Maintain your job board. Keep the jobs current. Delete jobs that have been filled and post new jobs as soon as you are aware of them.


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