Definition of an Online Job Search Agent

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It can be overwhelming looking for a job online because of the sheer number of job search websites that are available. An effective way to cut back on the time spent on these job search sites is to set up what is called an online job search agent. This is an automated search function that tells the website to email you when jobs that meet your search criteria are posted.

How Does it Work?

On most job search websites, job seekers need to create an account. During the account setup, you'll include information on your career interests, including the type of job, the required experience and education, and the geographic location of the job. Some job search agents might let you put in the salary range you desire. You also can decide how frequently you want job notices emailed to you, such as daily or weekly. After the setup is complete, the website will monitor the jobs posted to its website and will email any to you that meet your criteria. Obviously, the more rigid your criteria, the fewer job notices you will receive. You can turn off or delete your job search agent at any time.