How to Become a Security Guard

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How to Become a Security Guard. Becoming a security guard is something you should give some thought to. It can be dangerous at times and very boring at other times. It usually doesn't require a great deal of physical labor unless you are working at a nuclear site or a defense agency. Most States require a license, but some do not.

Inquire as to whether or not your state requires a license to work as a security guard. You can do this by calling your local job service center or calling a security company.

Find out if any local security companies will pay for all or part of your training, if you're required to have a license. They may take it out of your pay in installments.

Find your best offer as far as helping you get your license and then ask them about uniforms. Most companies provide uniforms and let you pay for them out of your check.

Ask if the company you will work for has armed guards. Armed guards make more than unarmed guards, but sometimes the pay doesn't compensate for the extra responsibility. Some security guard companies pay one dollar more an hour to work in the back of an armored truck. You must ask yourself if this is worth an extra dollar. An armed guard usually needs an additional license.

Remember that you're not a police officer, nor do you make the kind of money that a police officer makes. You're usually not required to take any type of binding oath that you will put your life on the line to protect property.

Find out what types of contract other security companies have. Contracts are usually short term. Sometimes it's better to work for an in-house security outfit that's owned by the company you are providing the security for. Being employed in this manner will stop you from being constantly transferred to new jobs. In-house security jobs usually have better pay and benefits also, as there is no middleman to pay.

Investigate opportunities with the Federal Government. The government is a big employer of security guards. Investigate what is available in your area. If you can get a security clearance, that will add more money to your bottom line and give you better benefits and job satisfaction.


Make sure to ask what their buy-back policy on uniforms is if you should leave the company.


Don't put yourself in a position of danger for a job that pays just a small amount over the minimum wage. If you find yourself facing trouble, call the police.


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