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What Are the Duties of a Security Officer on Patrol?

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Security officers are privately employed individuals who protect people and/or a property or business. Although they do not have the authority to make arrests, they can make citizen arrests or stand in for police during a criminal activity.

Observe and Monitor

Security officers observe and monitor the flow of people inside a business or company to detect inappropriate or illegal behavior. Officers usually monitor through the use of video cameras, alarm systems, through patrolling the property or directly behind a desk or counter.

Control Access to Property

Security officers can control access to a private business by following specific procedures, including viewing employees’ company badges, and obtaining and logging visitors’ information.

Responding to Situations

Whenever there is a situation inside a business, security officers are usually the first to respond. Whether it is a situation involving property damage or a guest causing problems, officers evaluate the situation and take the proper steps to ensure that everyone in the building is safe.

Supervise Building

Security officers conduct daily building inspections to make sure no illegal, hazardous, or unlawful activities are present within the premises.

Helping Hand

Security officers provide a helping hand to individuals by walking people to their cars, providing information and directions for a particular area in the building, and issuing traffic warnings when needed.


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