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What Are Security Functions Within an Organization or Company?

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Many firms and companies hire private security guards to protect and secure the office building. These private security guards serve an important role within the corporate structure, helping to eliminate theft, head off problems and ensure that corporate property is secure.

Admission Control

Security officers normally have a desk at or near the front of the building. This generally allows them to control access to the building. This may be in the form of direct control, such as having to open or close a door to admit people, or having to use a key to allow people to go up in an elevator. It may be in the form of requiring people to check in at the security desk and receive a visitor's badge, or requiring people to sign in and out of a building.


Security guards and personnel often perform surveillance functions within a company. They may monitor security cameras to determine whether there are any potential problems. By monitoring the security cameras and the building itself, security personnel can watch for signs of break-in or for other problems, such as fire, a burst sprinkler or something else that might cause damage.


Security personnel also act as a deterrent to criminals. Those who may want to rob a building may be reluctant to do so if a security guard is present on site. While security personnel do not have the authority to arrest a criminal or someone who wants to cause harm, they can detain the individual until local law enforcement arrives to perform an arrest. This can be an important feature in protecting company property.


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