How to Find a Job in New York

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How to Find a Job in New York. Finding a job in New York City seems daunting at first. In many ways, Manhattan is the capital of the world. Even if you've lived in other large cities, it can be tough to know where to focus when you're on a job hunt in New York City. Even during lean times, there is plenty of work available if you know where to look.

Ask friends, neighbors, cabdrivers, even the counterman at the deli if they know of anyone who's hiring. Even a stranger sitting next to you on the subway can give you helpful information regarding a potential job.

Call temporary agencies if you need work immediately. They have a variety of positions, and some offer temp to perm jobs. These positions give you a chance to show potential employers your skills on a day to day basis and may result in a permanent position if the company's supervisors are impressed by your work.

Check the Internet or local newspapers for job openings. The New York Times, Village Voice, and have plenty of job openings listed for Manhattan and the other boroughs. Keep in mind, however, that the competition for jobs listed on these sites is fierce. A company may receive hundreds of resumes for even one minor listing.

Contact employment agencies in New York. They tend to be highly specialized, concentrating on accounting, the arts, law, domestic placement or other specific areas. If you have expertise in one particular field, permanent employment agencies are an excellent resource for finding a job.

Organize! Now that you know where to look, get out your PDA, Sidekick or address book and make a list of all the companies, employment agencies, temp agencies and contacts you want to explore on your New York job search.

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