How to Become a Freelance Artist

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How to Become a Freelance Artist. Whether you are a talented artist stuck in a boring graphics job, or you draw as a hobby and want to change your career, becoming a freelance artist is the way to spend every day your way. Here are some ideas for selling your talent and turning yourself into a freelance artist.

Create your own logo and have business cards printed with the logo, your name and at least one phone number where a potential client can reach you. Include your email address. Identify your services somewhere on the business card with a phrase like "Freelance Artist."

Work at a mall drawing portraits.

Send a package to every ad agency in town with a client list and samples of your work.

Create a website displaying your work and have clients give testimonials. If you don't have any clients, have friends and family give testimonials so the potential customer can contact a reference, but make sure your family is willing to talk about having used your services.

Try to get an exhibition at an art gallery.

Volunteer your services at a children's hospital. Kids love to watch artists draw and you'll give them something to smile about.

Freelance for a publisher of children's books. Send them a package with a client list and samples of your work and keep calling every couple of months.

Partner with a friend who is a writer and create a children's book.

Contact major book publishers and talk them into letting you design a paperback book cover.

Send samples to major cartoon animation companies and see if you can work on a freelance basis for them. Do the same with comic book publishers.

Network with other artists. They may be able to refer you to someone looking for your particular talent.

Find a service that collects freelance art opportunities from all over the country and combines them into a website or sends them to you by email on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This is a great way to find jobs as a freelance artist.

Enter your art into a contest. Awards look great on your resume.


Volunteer to draw for a crowd whenever you see an opportunity to get a lot of exposure.


Artists have a reputation for being poor and struggling. That could happen. Be prepared to manage financially.

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