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The Goals & Objectives for a Service Delivery Manager

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Although the duties of service delivery managers vary by industry, they generally focus on enhancing client satisfaction, improving quality of services, keeping accurate records, identifying new features and building strong business relationships. To qualify for this position, you need to earn a bachelor’s degree in commerce, business administration or marketing. Because this position involves interacting with several people, having strong communication and interpersonal skills is crucial to achieving your job objectives.

Designing Features

Effective service delivery managers design and implement new systems to make services user-friendly, competitive and relevant to clients. This typically involves analyzing the workplace to detect services that need improvement. For example, a service delivery manager working in a bank that experiences long queues may advise the bank to adopt mobile banking systems so customers can transact from their homes and offices. The manager also reviews existing services and makes suitable adjustments to enhance efficiency.

Building Relationships

Establishing and maintaining strong relationships with clients, suppliers and business partners is key to improving customer satisfaction. If you work in a hospital as a service delivery manager, for instance, maintaining positive working relationships with drug and medical equipment suppliers can make a difference during a shortage or financial crisis. These suppliers can deliver goods to your facility on a short notice and even expect payment on a later date. This helps ensure continued service delivery to your customers.

Keeping Records

Organizations that have good record management practices often achieve their goals in enhancing accountability and efficiency. As an effective service delivery manager, you can focus on keeping accurate records of customer complaints, sales, supplies and meeting minutes. This can help you keep track and manage all information that can improve service quality. For example, if you work in a supermarket, keeping quality records of product sales can help you detect when specific products are running out of stock so you can order more.

Motivating Colleagues

Working with a skilled team increases your chances of achieving your career goals and objectives. A smart service delivery manager prioritizes the welfare of his team and ensures members are in high morale. To do this, you can begin by sharing your vision with your team and letting them contribute in setting the department’s goals. If your team isn’t meeting its targets, show your trust and belief in them by, for instance, organizing training programs to enhance their technical abilities. A good service delivery manager treats his colleagues with respect and provides opportunities for career advancement.


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