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Service Director Job Description

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A service director is also known as a customer service director or manager. The director establishes adequate customer service policies and makes sure employees abide by these policies when performing tasks and dealing with clients.

Job Specifications

A service director evaluates key metrics to gauge the quality of customer service, develops client-retention programs and resolves customer issues. The director also implements training sessions for personnel and formulates a company's customer service procedures.

Competencies and Tools

According to O-Net OnLine, a service director must possess effective leadership skills, time management aptitude and problem sensitivity. To perform the necessary tasks competently, the director often uses special-purpose telephones, desktop computers, document management software, such as Adobe Systems Adobe Acrobat, and accounting software.

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Brought to you by Sapling

Qualifications and Salary

Most service director positions require a bachelor’s or associate degree in business management or a related field. Employers may hire professionals with less education if they have experience. The average annual salary for a service director was $77,000 as of 2010, according to Indeed, a career data website.

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