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Client Services Director Job Description

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A client services director communicates with a company's customers and helps the firm improve client satisfaction levels. The director also works with internal partners, such as operations staff and sales personnel, to improve service levels.


A client services director oversees the activities of the customer service department and assures the smooth operation of the department when responding to internal and external requests. These requests may come from information technology staff, operations personnel, call center employees and corporate customers.


A client services director must possess good communication skills and the ability to solve complex client issues. A service-oriented disposition and the capacity to manage time and personnel are also helpful. A client services director often uses auto-dialers, multi-line telephone systems and contact center software, such as Timpani Contact Center.

Proficiency and Wages

A client services director usually has a four-year college degree in business or marketing. As of 2010, the average annual salary of client service directors was $87,000, according to the career information website Indeed.


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