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How to Become a General Contractor for Whirlpool

The Whirlpool brand has been a trusted name in home appliances for nearly a century. Because Whirlpool wants to provide excellent products and service to its customers, becoming an independent service contractor requires initial and ongoing training. Whirlpool has a list of requirements that all contractors must adhere in order to become an authorized service contractor. Once accepted as an independent service contractor, you will be required to maintain and provide annual proof of adherence to these requirements. These standards offer Whirlpool and its customers with the knowledge that you will provide the best service possible.

Access the Whirlpool independent service contractor application through Whirlpool's Service Matters website.

Review Whirlpool's conditions, requirements and the "Service Operating Guide Highlights." Ensure that you are aware and capable of complying with all independent service contractor guidelines.

Complete every field of the Whirlpool Corporation Service Agreement Application to the best of your ability.

Photocopy your valid driver's license and attach it to the application.

Complete the service company profile questionnaire. This form lists all tools that a Whirlpool independent service contractor will need. The applicant is required only to indicate which of the required tools is already in his possession. Completing this form will assist Whirlpool in ascertaining your business' readiness to become a qualified general contractor.

Complete the zip code coverage list. This form indicates which areas you will service.

Email, fax or mail your completed application, forms and photocopied driver's license to the contact information provided at the end of the application forms.

Sign and date each form after checking your entries for accuracy.


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