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Job Description for a Business Service Officer I

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A business service officer I is an operations professional. The primary function of this professional is to provide transactional support to the business he supports, whatever that business may be. As such, the business service officer for the sales division of a company may process all sales transactions, while the business services officer for the information technology division of a company may manage all computer vendor relationships. The "I" following the title denotes that this person is the most junior of business service officers.

Transactional Support

The first component of the typical duties of a business service officer I is transactional support. An officer performs all administrative transactions needed for business to operate efficiently. This encompasses a plethora of transactions including data collection and accounting as well as employment status changes.

Relationship Management

A business service officer I often serves as relationship manager for the business that he supports. In this capacity he may act as intermediary between the business and other internal entities such as the human resources or compliance departments as well as external vendors and customers.

Education and Experience Required

In most cases, employers require candidates for the role of business service officer I to possess at least a four-year degree within business administration, business management or a related field of study. Those with master’s degrees are often preferred. Additionally, applicants who have professional experience in the area of business the role supports are often given the most preference.

Qualities for Success

In order to excel as a business service officer I, a candidate must be an excellent communicator, as she will be required to interact both verbally and in writing with internal clients of all professional levels. She must also have a strong understanding of the business that she supports. Additionally, she must be technically proficient, and able to use any computer technology required to complete her tasks. Finally, a successful business service officer I must be an analytical problem solver.

What Do These Individuals Earn?

The salary paid to business service officer I’s varies widely based upon location of the position and industry in which the work is being performed. For instance, those in financial services traditionally earn higher salaries than those in entertainment or media. In 2010, however, estimated that the average wage paid by professionals with this title is $79,000.


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