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Definition of a Business Representative

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The term "business representative" is often used as a general reference for sales professionals, customer service professionals or anyone serving as an interface between customers and a company However, this term has a very specific meaning and application in the business world.


According to the Business Dictionary, the "representative" is defined as "an individual authorized to act on behalf of another such as an agent, counsel, member of legislative body, proxy, or trustee." Under these parameters, a business representative conducts business on behalf of a company or corporation.


As indicated by the definition, business representatives serve as "business counsel" on behalf of the company or corporation. A counsel can also be a business consultant. For this reason, counsels are generally out in front serving as one of the initial interfaces between the customer and the company acting in a business consulting capacity.


As business counsels or consultants, business representatives are extremely important to the success of a business. All things considered, the primary focus of any business is to get and keep customers. Everything else is details, product and processes feeding this primary focus. Business representatives are an integral part of this "get and keep a customer" formula.


Corporations should spare no expense in training their business representatives. Training programs should be thorough and should offer incentives such as commission or productivity-based compensation.


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