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Thermo King Refrigeration Certification

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The Thermo King Corporation has been in operation since 1938 under the belief that well-trained technicians are key to providing the best transport refrigeration service. Through its CERTi-TECH service technician certification program, the company provides licensing and certification at several levels in Thermo King dealer locations, customer locations, training centers and other off-site locations all around the world.

Certification Options

Through Thermo King's certification program, technicians can progressively earn four levels of licensing: certified, professional, master and specialist. Each level builds on the last. Those seeking certification are given access to reference manuals, training videos, refrigeration tools and equipment. Technicians should leave with a thorough knowledge of refrigeration units and the industry. They typically build critical thinking skills for diagnostic and service procedures, and expertise in service, maintenance and repair.

CERTi-TECH Registration

While a variety of onsite training is available worldwide, technicians can also obtain certification through the CERTi-TECH website. Dealers, however, must first be approved and registered on the CERTi-TECH website. Before access is given to the website, dealers must first fill out a "Proctor Registration Form" and have it approved by the assigned ASM as well as the TK Training Department. Once this is completed, registration can be completed on the CERTi-TECH website and preparations made for actual certification classes.


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