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Xerox Printer Technician Training

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Xerox printer technicians know how to install, use, troubleshoot and repair Xerox printers. They also know how to teach others how to use Xerox printers. To become a Xerox printer technician, you can take classes with Xerox, either online or at one of its training centers, or with one of its authorized services providers.

Training Programs

Xerox printer technicians must demonstrate general knowledge of printers and their components and specific knowledge of a type or family of printers. You must also take ongoing courses with Xerox to remain current on new products. Xerox's online training center lets you register for and pay for courses and then complete them at your own pace. Partner sites that offer training will tell you when the class is and how long you have to complete it.

Certification Requirements

To qualify for most types of Xerox printer certifications, you must first take the training course and then pass a test. You must also complete any course prerequisites, such as earning certification on an earlier model. Depending on the course, you also may need to have a printer available to use for hands-on exercises. Depending on your familiarity with a printer, you also may need to complete a phone interview before Xerox will grant you certification.

Technician Support

Xerox offers certified technicians who work on their own or at a partner site a full suite of resources and support. Xerox reimburses the technician for warranty and Xerox Service Agreement repairs; offers discounts on Xerox parts; provides web- and telephone-based support; and lets technicians order parts and process warranty claims online.

Professional Support Services

Xerox provides professional consulting services to businesses that plan to add or already use Xerox printers and other products. These services include analyzing, assessing and recommending workflow requirements; color management; application development; creating and converting forms; and imaging services. Xerox also makes advanced consultants available. These consultants can provide a number of different services, including application development, programming help, color consultation, implementation services and web development and design services. Xerox also makes training available for its customers who use many types of Xerox printers, such as ColorQube, Phaser and WorkCentre models.


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