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What Does an Accounts Payable Person Do?

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Whether keeping financial records for a business or your own household expenses, the ability to handle accounts payable is a vital skill. Accounts payable records keep track of short-term debts you owe to a company or person.


You will provide financial, clerical and administrative assistance to maintain accurate and on-time payments to accounts. You must have an attention to detail and a high level of accuracy. You need to have good communication and organizational skills. Have an ability to handle stress and possess conflict resolution skills. Duties also require problem-solving and decision-making skills.

Knowledge Required

You must have a background in basic office administration and general bookkeeping procedures. Be proficient in relevant computer applications that track debts owed and paid. Background in accounts receivable and general accounting experience is also beneficial.

Basic Duties

You will receive and review invoices from vendors and process checks to send to vendors. Perform basic clerical duties and keep records in journals and ledgers. Communicate with vendors regarding payments. Maintain an up-to-date billing system and follow up on the collection and allocation of payments. Adhere to specific deadlines in billing, collection and reporting activities. Reconcile accounts and monitor for non-payment, delayed payment or other issues. Investigate and resolve customer concerns. Organize a recovery system and initiate collection efforts.


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