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List of Skills to Put on Resume for Clerical Work

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Listing your skills in a resume for a clerical work position, provides a quick but condensed view of your abilities to the prospective employer. It eases the process of checking the relevance of your profile to the position in consideration. High-end office skills, computer skills, language skills and accounting skills are all pertinent to the job profile of a clerk and should be listed in the resume for increased success in being hired.

Basic Office Skills

List the basic office skills, including knowledge of operating general office equipment such as a computer, scanner, phone system and copier. List your capabilities to perform basic office tasks such as filing, scanning, mailing, copying, shipping and receiving. Cite proof of your capabilities by listing the work experience you have gained from your previous job. Include the basic job duties that you can perform, such as answering the phone, maintaining the files and following up on tasks; these low level skills are important administrative requirements for the smooth functioning of any office.

Computer and Language Skills

List your computer skills, including languages, programs and software. Include the names of office and administrative software that you know to use; mention of names such as Word, Excel and QuickBooks will give the prospective employee an idea that you are familiar with the software. Also, explain the languages you know and your proficiency level for each one; as the foundation of communication, your language skills give you the merit to handle manufacture liaison, troubleshooting or customer service to key accounts.

Accounting Skills

List your experience to showcase your familiarity with basic accounting procedure, such as accounts payable and receivable. Provide your accounting skills from prior experience, such as overseeing cash disbursements and dealing with key accounts to highlight the appropriateness of your profile as the right candidate for the job opening. Explain your experiences in budgeting expenses, auditing financial reports, analyzing and calculating numerical data to give an accurate description of your accounting knowledge.

High-level Skills

Listing clerical skills such as a good typing speed will add weight to your resume. If you have a poor typing speed, remember not to make a mention of it and jeopardize your chances of finding the job. Mention any business skills or capabilities that set you apart from the rest of the crowd; this will show the prospective employer that if they hire you, you will be an asset to the company. List any course or training that you have completed in business and administrative subjects; it shows that you have the necessary skills to handle if a need arises in the job front.


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