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Accounts Payable Supervisor Job Description

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An accounts payable supervisor is responsible for overseeing the entire accounts payable department as well as directing staff in processing invoices and payments, handling expense accounts and managing budget reports for a business or organization.


Prospective candidates must possess a Bachelor’s degree in Finance or Accounting and have experience working in an accounts payable department, preferably as a supervisor or manager.


To become an accounts payable supervisor, you must acquire several skills to perform the position correctly and reasonably. This includes having knowledge of accounts payable functions as well as strong verbal and communication skills.


Several duties are required for the position, including having an effective system for processing and distributing payments in a timely manner, as well as making sure company invoices are handled accurately.

Other Responsibilities

Other responsibilities consist of clearing account payments, working with other departments in regard to financial transactions throughout the company, and handling issues or concerns with vendors pertaining to payment disbursement.

Supervisor Duties

Besides handling the daily duties within the department, an accounts payable supervisor is also responsible for supervising staff within the department by selecting new hires, training staff on new procedures, and evaluating workers to determine whether their performance is satisfactory for the department and for the company.


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